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Flexible chocolate

Flexible chocolate is perfect to craft chocolate decorations like the rose in the photo!


Quantities are enough to assemble 1-2 roses like the one in the photo. However you can prepare more chocolate and keep it at room temperature for some months without problems.

  • 106g dark chocolate 65%

  • 12g water

  • 24g glucose

  • 13g oil

  • 12g sugar

  • q.s. flour / starch


  • Heat up the chocolate to 50°C in a microwave

  • Bring water, oil, glucose and sugar to boil

  • Pour over the melted chocolate and mix until fully incorporated

  • Refrigerate overnight in a silicone mold, then store at room temperature covered with plastic wrap

  • Keep in mind that flexible chocolate last for very long time (in the order of months). Using it requires to sprinkle some flour / starch and roll it to a thin layer to cut the desired shapes (in the case of a rose you need to cut circles). This will require some strength because before rolling it, the flexible chocolate is extremely hard.


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