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Throughout my years of exploration in Amsterdam, I discovered numerous spots for sourcing ingredients, cooking tools, and ceramics. The growing demand for recommendations has inspired me to share my personal favorites, ranging from hidden gems and local markets to small boutiques and larger shops.

Where do I buy ingredients

​It's not always easy to find specific ingredients and I often get questions on where did I find glucose or where do I get high quality chocolate with affordable price. This section is targeting to give answer to all these questions. 


  • Almonds / Hazelnuts / Pistachios

    • DeNotenshop - This is an online store guaranteeing fast delivery and offering products with high quality and affordable prices.

  • Chocolate​​

    • Van Soest​ - Quality of cocoa powder and chocolate chips is simply outstanding. I typically also buy chocolate to use for decoration. The chocolate coffee beans that I use for coffee tarts and tiramisu are coming from here and they are the best I've ever tried 😍  

    • DEKSELS! - This is a kitchen supply store but on the first floor you can also find different variety of Callebaut chocolate chips with affordable prices (e.g. 1 kg of white chocolate is ~18€).

  • Flour

    • NOVITALIA - ​This is a huge warehouse full of Italian products with affordable prices. It commonly supply ingredients to restaurants so don't be surprised to find sometimes huge packages (e.g. 3kg of pasta or 3kg of Nutella). It commonly has a huge selection of flours from Caputo.

    • Alberto Pozzetto - Coffee bar, grocery store. There's a bit of everything and a big piece of Italy in this place. I often have breakfast there due to the good quality and affordable prices (3€ for coffee and croissant, which is a bargain for Amsterdam). I typically buy here flour from Caputo. The one that I use for pastry is normally Pasticceria.

    • DeNotenshop - This is the only place where I buy (online) hazelnuts and almonds flour. 

  • Glucose

    • Duikelman BV - This kitchen supply store is simply Heaven for chefs and home bakers like me. Prices are typically high but you can really find whatever you are looking for. Surprisingly they also sell glucose made by Holktamp patisserie (another institution in Amsterdam) and the price is absolutely affordable compared to commercial brands (500g glucose for less than 6).​

  • Isomalt

    • DEKSELS! - Isomalt is another of those ingredients that you can easily find in this shop, together with Callebaut chocolate.

  • Fresh yeast​

    • Jumbo - You might be surprised to learn that you can commonly find the Bruggeman fresh yeast in all the Jumbo supermarket.  ​

Where do I buy ceramics

​I'm in love with ceramics. I use to buy them when I'm abroad from local ceramic studios, but I often also visit stores and check ceramic studios in Amsterdam, which is a city with plenty of hidden gems.

  • Vivian Hann - One of my favourite stores. It's small but with lot of nice ceramics, both from important brands like Jars and from more local artists. The owner is always welcoming and ready to give advices.

  • M.E.K. (Modern Exclusief Keramiek) - This is also one of my favourite stores, with plenty of ceramics from JL Coquet and other brands. The owner is really kind. An expert always ready to give useful advices.

  • Barbara Jans Ceramics - We got in touch on Instagram. She does ceramics and organize workshops. I really love the style of her creations. There's a bowl I got a few years ago and it's still my favourite one for pasta!

  • Studio Timmerman - This is a ceramic studio based in Rotterdam. Commonly not easy for me to get ceramics but I really love the shapes and quality of them. You can find many nice examples on Instagram.

  • Representable - I discovered this shop accidentally and I really love it. A lot of classic and modern ceramics for whatever usage. 

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