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Me in my kitchen

About me

I'm not a chef, nor do I spend my days working in a restaurant or pastry shop. Instead, I'm a software engineer moved by a deep passion for the art of pastry.

Originally hailing from Rome, in 2016 I made the bold move to Amsterdam. The transition was initially challenging, as I found myself alone, with the familiar comforts, especially those related to food, suddenly disappearing.

That was the turning point that was leading me to love pastry. I embarked on a journey of learning, experimenting, facing failures, and improving. The more I delved into the world of pastry, the more I found myself captivated by the unique blend of creativity and precision it demanded.

Everything you see on this website is a product of my personal efforts, from creating dishes and recipes to capturing photos and videos, all done in the comfort of my home. My aim is to inspire you with ideas and motivations for your own culinary adventures. Just as I have evolved and continue to do so, I hope you find encouragement to enhance your skills and explore the delightful world of pastry.

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