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Black sesame & Raspberry tartelette



Day 1

Raspberry ganache & gel

Recipe is the same described for the berries ganache and gel. However, with reference to the ganache what I personally recommend here is to adjust the texture by reducing the amount of white chocolate. In this black sesame recipe I'm using 20% less white chocolate compared to the original recipe (100g instead of 125g). This makes the filling smoother.

Black sesame praline

This can be prepared even 1 month in advance. Process is almost the same described in the recipe for the hazelnut praline. There are 3 major differences:

  1. Quantities are a bit different. Specifically, in this case we have:

  • 150g Black sesame

  • 80g Granulated sugar

  1. Black sesame requires to be roasted on a pan at medium heat for around 10 mins. Take care of gently moving it with a spatula from time to time to avoid burning.

  2. Hazelnuts (but also almonds) release their essential oils when blending them with sugar. This won't happen with the black sesame, so it's essential to add some neutral oil (e.g. sunflower oil) when blending with sugar. Recommendation is to add it step by step. For the quantities specified above, ~15g of neutral oil should be enough.

Almond & activated charcoal sable

It can be prepared even 1 week in advance. Recipe is the same of the hazelnut tart shell with a few differences / additions:

  1. Replace hazelnuts with almonds.

  2. Add 3g of activated charcoal when combining powders. You can buy it online on the Special Ingredients website.

  3. Add activated charcoal to the coating mix. Proceed with a small amount until you reach the desired color tone.

Black sesame whipped ganache

45g Heavy cream 35% fat (1)

20g Whole milk

45g Black sesame praline

1 Gelatine sheet (platinum, 1.75g)

50g White chocolate

105g Cold heavy cream 35% fat (2)

  1. Re-hydrate the gelatine in cold water

  2. Add praline, milk and heavy cream (1) to a saucepan on a low heat

  3. Add the white chocolate and the re-hydrated gelatine and mix with a spatula

  4. Add the cold cream (2) and mix with a hand blender. Target is just to incorporate (and not to emulsify) so a few seconds are enough.

  5. Let to set in the fridge overnight.


Day 2

Raspberry glazing

1 Platinum gelatine sheet (1 sheet = 1,75 g)

50g Heavy cream

70g Water

50g Granulated sugar

20g Dried raspberry powder. You can easily find it on Amazon.

  • Rehydrate the gelatine sheet in cold water for 5-10 minutes.

  • Put all the other ingredients into a small pot and mix gently with a spatula on a medium heat until you get a smooth mixture.

  • Add the rehydrated gelatine sheet and pour everything into a small jug.

  • Let it rest until it reaches a temperature of 35-40 degrees. Keep in mind that if the gelatine sets before you can use it, you can still use microwave to melt it again.


  • Pour a thin layer of black sesame praline on the bottom of the tart. My recommendation is to let it set in the freezer for a couple of hours. This will allow to more easily pipe the raspberry ganache on top of it, in particular if the black sesame is too runny.

  • Pipe the raspberry ganache taking care of leaving a thin layer for the glazing on the top. Eventually you can adjust with a spatula.

  • Pour the raspberry glazing and let it set in the fridge. Note that while it's possible to keep the assembled tart in the freezer, it's recommended to prepare and pour the glazing only after removing it from there. This will ensure a perfect mirror effect.

  • Whip the black sesame ganache till it reaches medium peaks and fill with it a sac a poche with a ⌀ 14 mm round nozzle. It's recommended to do this step when the top glazing has set and hence you are ready pipe the whipped ganache straight away. While indeed you can whip the ganache in advance, it's not recommended to keep it in the fridge for too long, otherwise it will start to become too thick. This applies to all the whipped ganaches but specifically to the black sesame one.

  • Pipe the black sesame ganache leaving some space for some fresh raspberries. Fill the raspberries with some raspberry gel.

  • You can use fresh mint leaves to decorate, together with some gold leaves and activated charcoal sable small cookies.


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